Dr. Amanda P. – Student at the University of Zagreb School of Medicine, Croatia


Dr. Amanda Piljek, resident doctor in Family Medicine (R1), University of Manitoba
Graduation year: 2012

In 2012 I completed my studies at the University of Zagreb with the MSE Program, and I am now taking my first year as a resident in Family Medicine at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, Canada.

The time I spent in Zagreb is one of my most cherished memories. I can only recommend: enjoy the time with your fellow students, make an effort to learn Croatian and benefit from the many opportunities that are offered to you as a student.

In short, as a student of Medicine I can only say that the specialised knowledge and the skills I acquired were decisive for my further education as a resident. The preclinical years are very consuming in terms of time and energy because there is so much to learn, but as soon as the clinical years begin, you suddenly see the role played by every factor from Pathology to Pharmacology, so you can observe the whole clinical picture and disease process in your patients. If you have a particular interest in some specific field of specialisation, do not hesitate to tell your professors. They will be happy to help you integrate in the care for patients.

Core ideas:

  • Enjoy your degree and being a student!
  • Do your research on where you would like to work or become a resident
  • Take all necessary exams punctually (both at the Faculty of Medicine and the exams for obtaining a foreign medical license)
  • Apply early for your electives! (Choose the subjects you would like to apply for!)
    I hope I have been able to give an insight into my experiences after my degree. I wish you all the best in your studies and your future!

(Abbreviated from the information leaflet of the University of Zagreb School of Medicine, published by the School of Medicine; Sveučilište u Zagrebu Medicinski fakultet list medicinskog fakulteta, Prosinac 2013/Godina 32, br.2; Tema broja: 10 godina Medical Studies in English – Studija medicine na engleskom jeziku)

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