François P. – Student at the University of Zagreb School of Medicine

François Pourci

6th academic year


My name is François Pourci and I come from France, more exactly, from Paris. At the moment I am preparing the national exam in France, in order to become a doctor there. I would like to thank two former students who encouraged me to study at the University of Zagreb: School of Medicine. They convinced me by presenting the Faculty and its possibilities under a very impressive light.

I came to Zagreb in order to become a doctor, discover a new culture, form new relationships and create wider possibilities for my future. I have never regretted this decision.

Ever since I started my degree at the School of Medicine in Zagreb , the MSE Program has improved considerably, and I am sure that the Faculty will continue to do so for years to come. The latest update are the practice-oriented courses to develop clinical skills. An advantage of the MSE Program is that you can see all the different medical departments as a student. The doctors will show you all interesting patients at the hospital, but it is up to you to decide to spend more time on what you like most.

During my stay in Zagreb, the number of students never surpassed 40. This small amount of students per year is a definitive advantage of the programme, as the professors are always available to answer your questions or your e-mails after the lectures.

I would recommend this programme to any student who would like to begin or continue university studies. Zagreb is charming: The surroundings are really exciting, and enjoying a “kava s mlijekom” in one of the hundreds of cafeterias is incomparable. It is a student city which makes it easy for you to meet new people and to communicate with the Croatian inhabitants. Apart from this, Zagreb is a great city to study and prepare your examinations. If you need a bit of distraction, it is very easy to find something to do in the city.

At the Medical School of Zagreb there are students coming from the most different backgrounds, of all nationalities and ages: Zagreb is a melting pot of cultures, ages and world perspectives.

(Abbreviated from the information leaflet of the University of Zagreb School of Medicine, published by the School of Medicine; Sveučilište u Zagrebu Medicinski fakultet list medicinskog fakulteta, Prosinac 2013/Godina 32, br.2; Tema broja: 10 godina Medical Studies in English – Studija medicine na engleskom jeziku)

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