Kim B. – Mother of a student at the Universidad Europea de Valencia (UEV), Spain


When my daughter was not able to access the degree of her dreams directly in Germany, she decided to seize the opportunity and study abroad. Of course, after finishing secondary school, she wanted to study further before she lost interest. In Germany, she would have had to wait many semesters. That’s why we informed ourselves about universities from eastern Europe. But when she received the offer to begin her Medicine studies in Spain through MSA, the decision was taken.

I was very satisfied with the contact person, Mrs. Siepel. She was extremely nice and helpful. All of the advisors were very friendly and the director was himself at the university. On the whole, I believe the services provided by MSA are very good. I always felt I was in good hands with the organisation and the advice. The compilation of all documents was very smooth, so I would recommend MSA to other people.

About the university I can only say that my daughter likes it very much and it gives a very good impression. Up to now, there haven’t been any difficulties with the study programme. My daughter has integrated very well, as it is very easy to party in Valencia and go out with people. Most of her fellow students are Italians who have made friends with the Germans. Personally, it was important for me as an American that the courses would be held in English. My daughter has told me that the teachers there speak very good English, so there are no particular problems to understand everything.

The exam period is of course very stressful for Kira, I see that especially now in Januray, when we skype. However, she has signed up for the gym and wants to go back to train regularly once the stress of the exam period is over.

We found the accommodation ourselves. After some ups and downs looking for accommodation, my daughter decided to share an apartment. Generally, Kira is very happy with her accommodation. We have also been there often in person and we have had a close look at everything.

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