Values, Vision and Mission of WMU and MUL


The roots of the Wenzhou Medical University reach back into the year 1912 (back then named Zhejiang Specialized Medical School). 2013, it got the status of a “Medical University” by the Chinese Ministry of Education. Currently, approximately 1,050 international students – coming from more than 55 different countries – are studying at the university. The English-language degree program is available since 2006.

The WMU is ranked on position 18 of the best medical universities in China. It is the university’s goal to offer extraordinary and innovative education programs in the field of medicine – for national and international students. The degree programs at the university are taught with a lot of initiative, creativity and innovation. The latest medical knowledge hereby serves as the foundation, so that all program contents are continually reviewed, revised and adjusted. The international atmosphere at the WMU is complemented by a high level of cosmopolitanism and inclusion of the international students.


The beginnings of the Medical University Lublin date back to the year 1944. The MUL offers the English degree program since 2001. Currently, around 6,000 students (1,000 of them international students coming from more than 20 different countries) study at the university. Beyond that, the MUL has many international cooperations. One of it is the partnership with the renowned “Hope Medical Institute” in the USA. Since 2010, the university has the permission to conduct part 1 of the USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Examination) and to prepare the students for it. Due to the close relationship with the USA, already 450 graduates of the university work at medical institutions in the USA.