The Cities of Wenzhou & Lublin


Einblicke in die Landschaft der Stadt Wenzhou

Wenzhou is located in the east of China in the province of Zhejiang. It is situated directly at the East China Sea and at the Ou Jiang River in a mountainous region. Wenzhou is the cultural and economic center of south Zhejiang. The 1188 square kilometers big city has more than 3 million inhabitants. More than 9.1 million people live in the whole metropolitan area. Just like in other parts of China, tradition and modernism meet in city and offer an interesting atmosphere – especially for Europeans and Americans. In and around Wenzhou, there are many temples and covered bridges, which are very typical for China. You should definitely visit these sights, because they have an extraordinary architecture. In Wenzhou, there are two big universities – one of them is the Wenzhou Medical University, at which you get to study exclusively through MSA.


Ein Überblick über die Stadt Lublin, Polen

Lublin in the east of Poland is the capital of the identically named Voivodship Lublin. The city is approximately 160 kilometers away from Warsaw and the biggest Polish city east of the Vistula River. Around 340,000 people live in Lublin, which makes it the ninth biggest city of Poland. In the city center – and especially in the historic district – you will find many historical buildings built between the 15th and 17th century. Especially worth seeing is the Lublin Castle and the Lublin Cathedral. All in all, there are five universities, several private colleges, institutes and research centers in Lublin. The city is therefore an excellent university town, in order to start your medical training there.