Reasons to Study at the WMU/MUL

You need more reasons to study at the WMU/MUL? Here we have collected the most important reasons, why studying this dual medical degree in China/Poland is the right degree program for you:

  • The unique English dual degree (MBBS & MD) is recognized worldwide and therefore offers the most diverse career opportunities in the field of medicine.
  • After the completion of the degree, you can apply for medical licensing or take the respective medical licensing exam in Europe, the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Thailand, etc.
  • Thanks to the dual degree, you will get to know different healthcare systems: the Chinese, Polish and possibly the American, if you are taking part in the offered clinic rotation in the USA.
  • Besides the part of the education that is taking place in China, you will spend 3 years in Poland and therefore you will get to know the European and the Asian culture. This degree offers the perfect mix of cultures.
  • A very important fact is, that you will not only develop in regard to academics, but also in regard to personality. Especially the experience to study in China – and to get to know a completely different culture – will significantly help you (also in regard to your professional future as a doctor).
  • You will profit from the close relationship of both universities with the USA. If you want to work in the USA in the future, you can already take the first part of the USMLE during studies. After the successful completion of the first part, you can apply for internships at many hospitals in the USA and Canada with which the universities cooperate with (e.g. in New York, Illinois, Louisiana). Beyond that, you can apply for a clinic rotation in the USA for the last two years.