Thankful for the University Place in Bialystok

Dear MSA team,

It’s nice to hear from you again.

The university is going well, I have many friends and my apartment is near to the university and the center. The classes and the professors in general are good, however it requires lots of effort to pass everything, as you know the system here is that we have to pass a small exam almost every day in order to do the final exam. However it is not that difficult it just requires time. I would say the system here covers everything.

My experience with MSA was very special, because I was kind of lost trying to search for a university to start medicine in. It was a very anxious period of time for me, however I was lucky enough to cross by your website, after that everything was different. You did a great job and helped me a lot. In the end I was finally able to find the perfect university for me thanks to you 😉

I will be forever grateful for your services. I would recommend you to everyone who wants to follow their dreams.

Best regards 🙂
A. A.

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