Cluj-Napoca – An Interesting City

Dear Lisa,

I am sorry for my late reply but time flies here and there is always something that has to be done! I really like the city of Cluj – it is authentic, charming, there are many young people, cafés and bars. I even like it so much, that I refused a study place offer in Marburg, Germany. I love the feeling of being on a journey, just when I have a cup of coffee in a café – it feels like a little bit of an adventure, which distracts of all the subject matter that we have to learn by heart.

My studies are quite a change for me, because everything is school-like (with unannounced tests, oral participation grades, etc.). This is really different from my studies before. The Romanian students start their studies directly after school. Therefore the professors assume that the students are quite dependent. This has also its good points, because like this we stick to the subject matter from the start and if you have been inquired about this before, then you just have to repeat it for the exam.

I wish you a nice Christmas season,


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