Anna Likes the Classes

LUHS studenten feedback

Hello good afternoon,

First of all I want to thank you for helping me to make my dream of studying medicine come true.

Kaunas is a very nice town, quiet and with many international students. I like the university and the study course. Now we have just begun with anatomy and I like it very much, because it is more practice-oriented than other classes. We also have other lectures and laboratory classes afterwards. The class schedule is very good. What I most like is that we have to learn Lithuanian (the language of the country) and also Latin, which helps a lot for anatomy classes.

My class group is also very great, because we have the same lectures during the first year of medicine. In the practical classes we are divided into small groups of 10 people. In our group we have an email account and a Facebook group, where we share all our notes that we took during class.

Studying at an international university makes me get to know other cultures, other languages and helps improving my level of English.

Best regards, Anna

PS: I attached a picture of the celebration “25 years of international studies at the LSMU”

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