Values, Vision and Mission

The biomedical degrees, whose history at the University of Budapest started more than 230 years ago, are internationally recognized and very demanded. The reason is that the university enables a more than highly qualified education for its students and has set several objectives for them: on the one side, the university seeks a successful start in the career of all its graduates; on the other side, the students should be already working after the degree, not only in the professional work life but also by making contributions to their field of speciality. These are the features which describe Semmelweis University.

At the university, past and future are connected. The University has produced many significant researchers in the past, who have done brilliant works, landmark discoveries and have changed the world of natural sciences. The most important components are experience, knowledge and tradition, as well as commitment, modern technologies and innovation.

The Semmelweis University is one of the most renowned in the world, but at the same time it also has an impressive research viewpoint. This international image is very important for the university; in fact, around one fourth of the students of Semmelweis come from abroad, which is another sign of its international spirit.