The City of Budapest

Budapest is with 1.7 million inhabitants the largest city and the capital of Hungary. The current city of Budapest was formed in 1873 when the cities of Buda and Pest joined. The city is located at the banks of the Danube River; actually, the river divides the city into two parts. On the west part is Buda, the hilly area; on the east is Pest, the flat area. The city is near the Hungarian Uplands, whose highest point is located 527 meters above the sea level. The climate is dry and continental. The average temperatures are around -1.6 °C in winter and 21°C in summer.

In the city there are many things to see and discover. You can simply stroll along the streets and the special charm of Budapest will captivate you while you enjoy the beautiful views of the city.

On the other hand, there are all sorts of tourist attractions. The culture, which started its development many years ago, is the result of a fascinating and rich history. You can discover the interaction of different influences, so it is worthwhile to know all the sides of the city. The exceptional buildings are one of the most valuable tourist attractions in Budapest, especially the Parliament building, which can be better seen from a boat or from the other bank of the river. The Parliament building is located in Pest, just at the bank of the river. The City Park is the perfect place to go for a small trip. If you are interested in arts, then you should visit the art gallery and the museum of the fine arts. Apart from those, there are many other museums and galleries around the city.

If you are in Budapest, you should definitely go to the thermal baths. One of the most beautiful is the Széchenyi spa. It is located in the City Park and was opened in 1913. There, not only bathing is great, but you can also admire the beauty of the building. The most popular thermal bath is Gellért, which opened in 1918 and has many bathing options. It has an art nouveau style and looks splendid and nice, as if you had travelled in time up to its building. The oldest thermal bath in Budapest is the Király bath, whose building started in 1565, under the reign of the Buda Pashas Arszlán. There you can enjoy a special atmosphere of the Turkic bathing culture.

Moreover, it is also worthwhile to cross as many bridges possible. Each has its peculiarity, its own charm and from them you can have wonderful views of the city. What you should really do is climb the castle hill to visit the castle and to admire the views of Pest. The city is really impressive and you should watch out; there is always something new to discover.