The Faculty of Dental Medicine – Varna

The Faculty of Dental Medicine was founded in the year 2006. It is composed by five departments with 77 areas, 13 of which lead to academic degrees. The Faculty educates students to become highly-qualified dentists. Also, specialist subject knowledge is transmitted to both postgraduate students and PhD graduate students. A new, completely equipped building was finished in 2008, in order to offer the students  first-class practical and theoretical education.


This is one of the youngest, most modern Dentistry faculties in the Balkans. The practical training is an important part of the degree and it takes place in strikingly modern facilities. It is taught under the supervision of a team of young directors of studies.

The first study centre for implants was inaugurated in the Faculty in 2009. The students are familiarised with the newest techniques, in theory and in practice.

A key function of the Faculty consists in the first-class training given by the transmission of the understanding of three basic principles: Degree in Odontology, postgraduate training and further training and specialisation for dentists.