The City of Varna

Varna is, after Sofia and Plovdiv, the third largest city in Bulgaria, with 335,000 inhabitants. It is the most important Bulgarian port city on the Black Sea. It is not surprising that Varna is often called the “traditional capital of Bulgaria”, in as much as one of the most important centres of transport is found here. Varna has an international airport, in addition to one of the greatest ports in Bulgaria. Furthermore, the city is an extremely popular tourist destination for tourists from the whole world thanks to its warm climate and its long sand beach.

Those who are looking for monuments and cultural treasures do not need to go too far in Varna. The city offers multiple attractions: the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin, from the year 1896, is in the centre, impressive thanks to its monumental architecture. Those who like history will find themselves at home in the many museums of Varna. In the Ethnographic Museum, from 1860, in the Maritime Museum, in the Archaeological Museum and in several other museums you can admire interesting objects that give an impression of the long Bulgarian history.

Varna is a modern European metropolis. Near the old town there are big residential areas. In the city there are many brand retail chains and shopping centres, exhibitions, office spaces and banks, as well as new technological and business parks.

The city is an important transport junction for the country with an international airport, railway and road connections to many places in the country. As a student, the easiest and most comfortable way to get there is to take a plane to Sofia, the capital of the country. From Sofia there are direct flight connections to Varna at good prices. You can receive more information on travelling possibilities from MSA.

Like all of our universities, Varna belongs to a EU Member State, which means that you can enter and leave the country without a passport, if you come from another EU Member State. In this case, with the European Health Insurance Card, all services are insured in case you need medical treatment.

The city of Varna receives hundreds of international students every year, as well as thousands of international tourists, which makes it a perfect town to enjoy student life to its fullest. You will find everything you may need for your daily life in the city and at the University.

You can get by in daily life with English, as the vast majority of inhabitants have a basic knowledge of this language.