Seillan S. – Student at the Universidad Europea de Madrid (UEM), Spain

Hello dear Julia 🙂

The degree is great – particularly the students and the professors. Everybody here is very helpful and everything is well taken care of. My professors help me with all applications, forms, etc. Exactly like you!!  🙂 thank you, thank you very much again for that!

Our degree has 6 subjects, from which 2 are related to Biology – that’s the most difficult, but not impossible. So it is very easy, many people from Germany have transferred here because the material is much better and “easier” – not sooo easy  🙂 but better.

We are also only small classes with some 15 people –as in school and we can ask questions or write an e-mail, we will always get help! Thank you ever so much for this great place. I can only recommend it 🙂 🙂

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