Values, Vision and Mission of the Comenius University

The Comenius University, which was established on June 27th 1919, is the oldest and biggest university in Slovakia. The Academia Istropoliana, which was established by the Hungarian king Matthias Corvinus in 1465, is believed to be the historic precursor. Today’s university owes its name to Jan Amos Comenius, who was a philosopher, theologian, pedagogue and bishop.

About 26.000 students study at the university at 13 different faculties. The university has the largest number of international students in the whole country. Many of them are students taking part in the Erasmus + program, others come from the EU and non-EU countries, and even from overseas a great number of students come to Bratislava.

The main mission of the Comenius University is to promote, spread and comprehend knowledge. The university is a scientific facility, which opens new horizons for research and simultaneously promotes the transfer of knowledge. The exceptional thing of the university is, that compared to other educational establishments, the classes are based on the university’s own research and on worldwide scientific knowledge and are thus being promoted and nourished. Beyond that, the university has many arrangements and cooperations with European educational establishments.

It is one of the goals of the university, to maintain and advance its identity as a research and educational establishment on highest international quality. Furthermore, the university wants to offer an outstanding educational surrounding and wants to encourage studies through a thorough spectrum of academic disciplines. Graduates should be educated, not only with the highest personal and professional success, but also with high human qualities. Beyond that, the scientific and cultural view of society should be improved and also the economic welfare should be promoted.

As a “center of excellence“, the universityevaluates the research and values teaching continually, in order to secure that the students are being taught and guided by outstanding experts, researchers and lecturers.