Reasons for Studying at the Comenius University Bratislava

  • The university is highly esteemed and belongs to one of the 500 best universities around the world.
  • The university buildings are mainly located in the center of Bratislava, just like the medical faculty, which is situated in the margins of the historical part of the city.
  • The Comenius University is catered to international students and gained a lot of experience with international students since 1993, so that the curricula and teaching units are conceptualized accordingly, in order to correspond to European guidelines.
  • The university offers further study courses after the degree MUDr. and MDDr., in order to specialize and to do your Ph.D.
  • Bratislava is a very interesting and beautiful city, which offers ideal framework conditions for studying there. There are numerous sights and enormously multitudinous possibilities to organize your free time, be it with sports or shopping. Beyond that, Bratislava has many green recreation areas, because many surrounding woods are reaching up to the city center.
  • The university offers an excellent education, because the faculty of medicine is one of the leading faculties in the field of medical education and research.
  • Agreements and cooperations between the university with international research institutes exist since the opening in 1919, so that the relationships among one another are very good and thus a brisk knowledge exchange is given.