Faculty of Medicine of the Comenius University Bratislava

The faculty of medicine of the Comenius University Bratislava was established in 1919, just as the university and is therefore the oldest and most renowned faculty of the Comenius University. Beyond that, it is also the first medical faculty throughout Slovakia. Through its long tradition and its high standards, it attracts the brightest students from Slovakia and from all over the world.

The faculty of medicine of the Comenius University Bratislava belongs to the best national public institutions that have committed themselves to medical education and research. The faculty is considered an opinion leader in the fields of prevention and treatment among all participants of national and international research activities.

It is the main goal of the university, to offer a high-class education for future health care experts. Thus, the university offers medicine and dentistry in Slovak and English, for six years in each case, currently. The English study course, that was established in 1993, aims at international students. The university became known worldwide through successful graduates. The degree, after taking the state examination for medicine, is „Medicinae Universae Doctor“ (MUDr.) and „Medicinae Dentale Doctor“ (MDDr.) for dentistry.

From the first to third year, you will learn theoretical knowledge and you will also already attend preclinical and practical courses. Beyond that, you will work in laboratories. From the fourth to the sixth year, students will gather their first clinical experiences. More than 17,000 graduates from Slovakia, the EU and from all over the world have been successfully prepared for their career already. The high educational demands of the university are being fulfilled by cooperating with many different institutions, hospitals and many special facilities that are closely cooperating with the university hospital and some other establishments from the field of healthcare.

The courses of medicine and dentistry are divided into 56 theoretical and clinical institutes and departments. Here you can continue to study and research, after your degree, in a doctoral program, so that you can do your doctorate at the end of the study course and you will get the degree „Ph.D“.