Why study Odontology at the University of Debrecen?


  • The Odontology Faculty fulfils the requirements of the European Union and the obtained degree is recognized in all the EU countries and in several other countries.
  • The Faculty offers international and recognised training at the highest level, and its aim is to train professional dentists by enabling them to work worldwide with a high qualification.
  • While students acquire knowledge in different fields, we also want them to take part in academic work and research organised by different institutions. Excellent research works can possibly be accepted as a thesis in the last year of the degree.
  • The Faculty takes part in the Erasmus Program, so the students have the opportunity to study a semester or a year in a foreign university in Europe. The students can continue their degree in Odontology during this exchange period.
  • From the second year, the students can work in the “Preventive Team” by taking part in a programme called “Teddy Bear Hospital”.
  • Students can take part in different extracurricular activities. The University offers a huge variety of sport activities, for example, football, handball and tennis in excellent facilities.
  • Other entertaining events are for example: the Freshman’s Ball, Dental Nights, Medical New Year’s Eve, Medical Sport Cup and Medical Week, where students can have lots of fun in good company.
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