Studying Dentistry at the Universidad Europea de Valencia – Get a Place for 2017 Now!

Dentistry at the Universidad Europea de ValenciaStudying dentistry at the Universidad Europea de Valencia is a highly practical degree program, taught in ultramodern educational establishments of the UEV dental clinic. The clinic covers an area of 1,000 square meters, which the students can use, in order to especially train their practical skills. Thereby, the students – divided in small groups – will be taught by experienced dentists and professors of the university, while actively helping and supporting them. With the help of the small group number, the lecturers are able to give individual and targeted feedback, so that the students can continually improve themselves and will always get direct answers to possible questions by the dentistry experts.

The standard period of study of the international degree program dentistry at the Universidad Europea de Valencia is 5 years. The curricula are arranged accordingly to the clauses of the Bologna process, and the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) is applied, so that a university transfer, e.g. to your home country, is possible at any time. In order to study dentistry at the university, you have to take and pass an admission exam (an English-language test). The special feature of this university is that we – as the official representative of the university – can arrange the exam individually with you.

You want to take the exam this year and therefore get a university place for dentistry at the Universidad Europea de Valencia already now? Then MSA can make this possible for you at any time. We also have scheduled exams for the beginning of 2017, but we cannot guarantee that there will still be free places at university until then, so that it might be possible that not everyone interested will be able to get a place then. So if you want to play it safe, then an early application – and taking the exam – already this year is highly recommended.

If you want to get to know the dental clinic – with its highly modern facilities and technology – better, you should watch the following video:

If you now feel like studying dentistry at the Universidad Europea de Valencia, then please feel free to contact our study advisors. They will be pleased to answer all your questions concerning the studies!

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