Beginning of the studies in Valencia, Madrid, Kosice, Varna and Masaryk

Eroeffnung-2014-2015-Studienjahres-Zahnmedizin-UEV-4During the last weeks the offices of our MSA headquarters at Sertürner Institut have been almost empty. Only few staff remained in our offices, since most MSA student advisors moved to different locations in Europe in order to visit our students during the opening events organised by the universities. During these typically exciting and hectic days, our MSA student advisors answered last-minute questions, solved the last problems and had a nice time with our students. The universities also made a great effort to successfully register all the students. Moreover, they organized different activities so the international students could get to know each other, so we could feel a really great environment.

Now it’s your turn:  do you want to grasp this opportunity and study what you have always dreamed of? Then register at MSA now!

PS: Have a look at what you can experience in our photo gallery. You can see photos of the opening events at the Universities of Valencia, Madrid, Kosice, Varna and Brno.

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