Preparing for Studying Medicine – Last Free Places in the Crash Course!

Preparation for studying medicine

You are going to start studying medicine soon and you want to prepare more intensively for the study contents or for admission exams of our universities? – Then you should not miss the next crash course by our partner, the Iberian College International, in the beautiful city of Alicante. The course is going to start next month and the ICI has some last free places to offer, as this news just reached us.

The course is going to take place from July 13th to July 30th and will review your basic knowledge of the natural sciences biology, chemistry and physics, in the three weeks, so that you can start optimally prepared for your studies! The course will be conducted in English, in order to get to know the study contents in English already, hence the study start will be easier for you.

Up to now, we have just made very positive experiences with the Iberian College International, because all MSA-participants, so far, were able to obtain a study place at least at one university, by passing the admission exam right after the preparatory course! We are very pleased that many MSA-applicants have already signed up for the upcoming course and, based on much positive feedback, we can just recommend the course to everyone.

Visit the website of the ICI here and contact our cooperation parter! If you should have any questions regarding the course, the kind colleagues of the ICI will gladly answer them for sure.

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