Values, Vision and Mission of the PUM

The Pomeranian Medical University was founded in 1948. It is therefore a relatively young university, which is recognized not only in Poland, but worldwide and has an excellent reputation, due to its continuous development.

The Pomeranian Medical University offers the study courses medicine and dentistry, and also nursing. Currently the university has 4450 students altogether, about 600 of them participate in the English Program of the medical faculty. Through a long-term cooperation with prestigious European universities, the Pomeranian Medical University is a part of a constant collaboration of new graduates and lecturers, whose scientific achievements and knowledge has already been published in renowned professional journals.

Due to the European Credit Transfer Systems (ECTS), valid at the Pomeranian Medical University in Szczecin, the comparability and recognition of course credits is guaranteed at all European universities, which are part of the Bologna-process.

The special advantage of the Pomeranian Medical University is the excellent teaching staff and their international recognized experts, which will guarantee a study quality at the highest stage. The students of the Pomeranian Medical University are being offered optimal career outlooks with this.

You can convince yourself of the advantages at the Pomeranian Medical University, Szczecin:

  • The Pomeranian Medical University in Szczecin offers a modern, well organized library to its students.
  • The medical degrees are being recognized in the entire European Union, due to the Bologna-process and the ECTS-credits.
  • The subject-specific high-quality of the studies is always ensured by the excellently skilled teaching staff.
  • The Pomeranian Medical University places great value on an intensely marked practical relevance in the medical study courses.
  • The seminars and sessions of the preclinical and clinical semester, are being conducted in learning groups of small sizes.
  • The laboratories and clinics have the latest equipment available.
  • The Pomeranian Medical University is characterized by an international and intercultural atmosphere. Thus, a large and well integrated community of international students can be found, which mainly consists of Scandinavians, Germans, Canadians and Israeli.
  • Szczecin, being located in the northwest of Poland, ensures a good transport connection to other Polish or European cities.