The City of Szczecin

Medizinstudium in Stettin, Polen

Szczecin is the historical capital of western Pomerania and has currently about 410.000 inhabitants. The city of Szczecin is located at the River Oder, south of the Szczecin Lagoon. The distance to the German-Polish border is about 12 kilometers the distance to the Baltic Sea about 60 kilometers. Berlin is 150 kilometers away from the university, thus it is ideally located. Due to its geographic location, the city unites numerous transit routes.

Especially the vicinity to Germany makes the city a special and important university city for German students. A ticket for an intercity bus to Berlin for example costs just 35€, a ticket for the train just as much. It is also no problem to reach other, more distant places in Germany with a train for about 50€ (e.g. Cologne, Hamburg and many other smaller cities). For the ones who seek for vicinity to their homeland, the PUM in Szczecin is the right place.

The city has a splendidly constructed streetcar and bus network, so you can get from one point to another with the streetcar very cheap within Szczecin (starting from 1,10 zloty = 30cents).

Szczecin is the capital for science and education in Poland. With several private universities and some public universities, the city is an attractive university city for young adults. The city prospers and has a very young dynamic, hence there are much diverse things to experience and the time during the studies will certainly not be boring.

The region around the city is known for its large forested area and for its crystal clear waters, which count to one of the most beautiful sailing paradises in Poland. Thus Szczecin and its surroundings offer the perfect mixture of city and nature.