Reasons to Study at the PUM

  • Szczecin, and thus also its university, are located very close to the German border (ca. 12 kilometers) and therefore provide optimal preconditions, especially for German students.
  • There is no admission examination, the selection of the applicants takes place with an application process, similar to the one in Germany (compared to Germany, here the NC-requirements are not so high, resp. the university does not only choose according to the grades, but also the motivation and other advantages of the applicant are included in the decision).
  • The acquired degrees of both study courses, medicine and dentistry, are recognized in the entire EU, the European Economic Area, the US and other countries.
  • The PUM has launched a new, results-oriented learning system, the so called “outcome based learning system”. Outcomes of learning are, in this context, being considered as the assessment of required knowledge, the necessary comprehension of medical issues and the performance of medical practice, which every student has to master after an ensued and completed learning unit.
  • Szczecin and Poland offer optimal circumstances for studying there, the nature for example tempts with many possible activities, from water sports at the lakes, to winter sports in the mountains.