The MU Pleven Introduces Itself – Study Medicine in the Summer Semester in the Heart of Bulgaria

The MU Pleven Introduces Itself – Study Medicine in the Summer Semester in the Heart of BulgariaLocated idyllically in the beautiful city of Pleven – in the heart of Bulgaria – the MU Pleven welcomes many international students that begin their medical studies at the university. Since the entrance to medical studies is very hard, even when you have a great GPA, man young people need to search for an alternative and choose to study medicine at the university in Pleven. Through this circumstance, there is an international atmosphere at the MU Pleven, which is characterized by students from the most diversified countries.

Studying medicine in Pleven has a duration of 6 years, like it is regulated uniformly in Europe according to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). Studies are based on the so called „problem-based-learning“. This is a teaching method where the students mostly need to find a solution for a given problem resp. a concrete medical case on their own. Through the acquisition of flexibly usable knowledge, multidisciplinary knowledge and a better problem-solving ability should be promoted. Of course, also the needed theoretical basics will be learned besides that, since these are of paramount importance for a future doctor.

The classes are organized in a block system, which means that in each block, the students can concentrate of different subjects resp. courses. At the end of each block, there will be an exam, so that they spread over the entire year and do not only have to be taken at the end of each semester. This reduces unnecessary stress. Through this system, a high success rate is granted.

If you are interested in studying at the MU Pleven next summer semester in spring 2018, then please contact our study advisors and get all valuable information about the university and the degree program medicine:

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