All Participants Pass the Admission Exams for the MU Bialystok

Admission Exams for the MU BialystokOn Monday the first admission exams this year for the MU Bialystok took place at MSA. We are very proud to announce that all participants have passed the exam and have now obtained a university place!

MSA is the official representative for the English speaking countries and offers to take the admission exam for the MU Bialystok in your home country.

The first admission exams already took place, but it is not too late to apply for the university and start studies this fall, because the university still has some free places. You should not be afraid of the admission exam, because you will get the needed learning material from MSA, in order to prepare for the exam. Beyond that, our very experienced study advisers support you with everything during this process, because they have contact to students that are not able to study medicine in their home country daily.

We congratulate everyone on their obtained university place and are looking forward to further applicants for the winter semester 16/17 and the upcoming exams!

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