Medical Faculty in Hradec Kralove

  • Medizinische Fakultät in Hradec Kralove

    Hradec building

Values, Vision and Mission

The Medical Faculty of Charles University in Hradec Kralove is part of one of the best and most prestigious universities in the world; therefore, it has a very good reputation. This is based on a high quality education, which enables the students to acquire the best education along the degree.

The aim of the faculty is to train specialized doctors with the best education in English and who are ready to start their international career at the end of the studies. They should be able to safeguard the patient’s interests in the different medical areas and to make efficient diagnosis.

The students cannot only work as doctors all over the world, but also as researchers where they can apply their acquired knowledge. Regardless the path they choose, either in clinics, hospitals, research labs or even in Doctors Without Borders: the Medical Faculty in Hradec Kralove prepares them for everything.

This vision is the reason why research plays an essential role during the degree. Students will be in touch with the patients and at the same time they will acquire important knowledge related to the scientific field.