Medical Faculty in Hradec Kralove

  • Medizinische Fakultät in Hradec Kralove

    Hradec building

Faculty of Medicine

The degree in Medicine in Hradec Kralove takes 6 years and is offered in English for international students, who acquire a comprehensive knowledge both in the theoretical and practical areas. They can also develop lots of skills which will turn them into highly-qualified and successful doctors.

The faculty is fully equipped for theoretical lessons and practical exercises.The latest material and facilities make possible to train future doctors who, despite having the newest medical technologies, must also learn traditional medical theories and treatments.

During the first two years lectures will focus on the human body. Nevertheless, at the same time the students will also take their first internships in the hospital. After the first semesters, during the third and fourth years, they will deal with preclinical subjects and an introduction to the clinical part. The last two years are devoted exclusively to the clinical part.