University of Zagreb – School of Medicine

  • University of Zagreb – School of Medicine


Values, Vision and Mission – UZMS

The University of Zagreb places a special value on the transmission of a broad knowledge base, which helps the students to put their theoretical knowledge into practice. This is achieved by combining traditional learning processes with innovative approaches. The UZSM tries to teach the students greater responsibility for their own actions using this methodology, which lies on the principle of students themselves being in charge of acquiring knowledge and skills.

The students are not left to their own devices during the degree, but are taught in small groups. This way, it is easier to fix knowledge and when there are questions there is a professor who can answer immediately. During the whole international degree of the MSE Programme (Medical Studies in English), the students will also become familiar with international perspectives and multicultural dimensions. Another exceptional aspect lies in individual career planning. During the degree, many different facets of Medicine will be shown, in order to increase personal competence and performance in professional practice.

Objectives of the University

There are a variety of decisions that may lead you to study Medicine. But there is a principal thought -helping people and doing good- as a common objective, and it makes all the difference. This is the objective that the School of Medicine of the University in Zagreb has particularly taken to its heart. The UZSM wants to give the chance to study Medicine to those who do not have the opportunity to study in their country of origin, and all of this at a renowned but inexpensive university.