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Faculty of Medicine

The foundation of the Faculty of Medicine dates back to the year 1917-18. It is the largest and oldest faculty of Medicine in the country. The School of Medicine looks back on decades of tradition in the education of foreign students. It has enabled more than 700 students from all over the world to achieve their doctor title. This led to the implementation of an international study programme in Medicine, which is entirely taught in English (MSE Programme). The degree in Medicine lasts for 6 years. Upon completion of studies, the students are awarded the degree of Doctor. The clinical part takes place in the following facilities, among others:

  • Clinical Hospital Center
  • Sestre Milosrdnice
  • Clinical Hospital Merkur
  • Clinical Hospital Dubrava

The UZSM cooperates with many medical higher education schools in Europe and North America, as for example the University of Toronto in Canada.

The School of Medicine of the Zagreb University offers an excellent education for international students with the degree in Medicine in English. In order to become a successful doctor, a great sense of responsibility is necessary. This is the main focus of education at the UZSM, in order to make it possible for the students to work autonomously and conscientiously in a professional environment in constant development.