Values, Vision and Mission

It is a great objective, of the University of Latvia, to live up to its good world-wide reputation, to guarantee a high educational level, to enable the students a specialized valuable training and thereby also impart interdisciplinary topics. The students should not only be trained to be competent and qualified doctors resp. dental specialists, but they should also be competent to assess the interpersonal matters of their patients and to pursue their tasks with empathy and responsibility.

The decision, what, where and if you want to study, is one of the most important ones of a young person, which can affect the course of life. One of the main premises of the university is, that you should follow your dreams with this decision, because if you really want something, you will be good at it. The university is aware of the consequences and the responsibility, which it carries concerning this matter. The young adults should be enabled to have a qualitatively good study course, concerning the professional perspective, but also great student days. Especially during studies, important contacts for the future are made and also friends for life can be found. In all stages of life you will remember your studies, and these memories should be characterized positively.

To make this possible for young adults, they also get the opportunity to improve themselves, beyond the courses, from the start and to take part in research projects or to continuously advance their knowledge and skills in laboratories and seminars. A high level of practical relevance and small learning groups makes this possible. A good education brings out good medical practitioners.