Medical Faculty

The medical faculty of the University of Latvia was founded in 1919. After the faculty was closed during the time of the Soviet Union, it was reopened in 1998. There have been 851 students in 2008/09, including the international students and this number increases year by year.

About 160 people are working at the medical faculty of the University of Latvia, including 19 professors, 26 Associate Professors, 20 lecturers and 4 visiting professors. The lessons are taking place at different locations at the university, among others in the university hospital. Even though the study course is completely in English, the students are obliged to learn Latvian, to be able to communicate with the patients in the clinical part of their studies.

The faculty places great value on small learning groups, so that the personal contact between the students is guaranteed, everyone can follow the content and ask directly if they have questions or problems. As a student of medicine or dentistry, you have the opportunity to spend an Erasmus-semester, or one of the internships, abroad. The faculty cooperates, for example, with the faculties in Göttingen, Santiago de Compostela, Olomouc, Helsinki and Florence.