Satisfying Interim Conclusion at Half Time in the Crash Course

Crash Course Natural Sciences

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More than half of the Crash Course Natural Sciences is already over at our partner, the Iberian College International. Many of our MSA-applicants have taken their chance, to take part in the second Crash Course of the ICI this year. As always, the course is taking place in Alicante, Spain, and accompanies the future medical students for three weeks.

alicante-spanienDuring these three weeks, our MSA-applicants, among others, review the basics of the natural sciences biology, chemistry and physics and also learn additional knowledge for the first semesters, so that the study start will be easier, and the transition trouble-free, for them.

How does the ICI ensure the learning success? Very simple! The course curricula of the Crash Courses are being arranged with leading European universities, so that the participants know exactly, what international universities demand from their students. This is why the course is taking place in English, just as studying medicine abroad. The small groups are partly taught by university professors, of universities that we cooperate with (e.g. the Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice).

Of course we have asked for a brief interim conclusion among our participants, and the feedback is already very positive. Juan Pedro Vasco Garci, for example, praises the course as follows:

“After a few days of class, I already have the feeling to be better prepared, for the upcoming admission exams, than ever. After the official part of the course, the lecturers and professors are available for us. After that, we continue to learn together in small groups”

We are glad, that our applicants can take so much knowledge from the course this time again, and that the course was, as always, accepted very well.

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