Requirements of the Federal Law on assistance for education and training

Financial Support by the Auslands-BAföG (Federal Law on assistance for education and training abroad)

According to the Federal Law joint on assistance for education and training (BAföG), in addition to the financial support to study a degree in Germany, studies abroad can also be supported under certain conditions. Among other cheap jerseys things, you need to observe the following:

Full-time degree abroad                                                                                                                       A degree which is taken completely or partially in a foreign college, academy or university can be supported financially from the beginning and for the total duration of the studies, as long as it takes place in the European Union or Switzerland, but not in a country outside of Europe.

Part-time degree/Semester abroad                                                                                                    Funding is also available for studies abroad that take place as part of a full-time study in wholesale jerseys China Germany. For stays abroad outside the European Union, the maximum funding period is one year, or, under specific circumstances, a maximum of two-and-a-half years. Inside the European Union there are no time limits.

A semester or year abroad in a country outside Europe can only be funded if it is relevant for the studies in question, and only if it can be at least partially recognised in Germany. Therefore, the stay abroad cannot delay the duration of your studies, or in any case, not significantly.

To be eligible, study stays cannot be wholesale jerseys shorter than 6 months, or a complete semester. Shorter stays are allowed in case there is cooperation between the German higher education institutions and the foreign ones. These stays have to last at least 12 weeks.


If financial help from the BAföG is granted for studies abroad, grants will generally cover

a) the necessary study fees, up to € 4600 per year;
b) the necessary costs of travelling;
c) social security;
d) the higher cost of living in a foreign country (depending on cheap jerseys the country, between € 50 and € 315 per month)

The necessary study fees are paid completely as a grant, so they do not need to be paid back. The rest of the financial support (travelling costs, social security, cost of living) are paid in a similar manner to the national BAföG, where cheap mlb jerseys half is paid as a grant and half is paid as a loan.


The formal study-related requirements for financial support for studies inside the country, such as progress in studies, maximum time limit, etc., must also be fulfilled for studies abroad.

However, there are some differences with regard to income and wealth between financial support for studies abroad and financial support for studies in Germany. Due to the higher funding rates, it is very likely that students who are not eligible for the national BAföG do receive financial support to study abroad. In any case, it is recommendable to ask a student union or the BAföG department responsible for the host country.

As it takes a long time to process an application, it is recommendable to apply six to nine months before the beginning of the stay abroad. Depending on the chosen country, there Then are different student unions and BAföG departments all over Germany, which Long are responsible for answering questions and processing applications.

Sources (in German): Website des Bundesministeriums für Bildung and Forschung und Auslandsbafö, BAföG Rechner

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