Future Dentistry Students Visit the Universidad Europea de Madrid

Study dentistry in spain

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20 future dental students have visited the Universidad Europea de Madrid with our study advisers for two days in the last week and of course got an extensive guided tour at the university. There were many gaping mouths – no, not of our MSA students, but of the phantom heads in the dental department, which are already expecting the new students and the treatment!

The participants have visited and inspected many things at the UEM eagerly during these two orientation days. They were able to get to know the campus with its library and the dental department of the university, in which they will be trained and where they can apply and practice their theoretically learned knowledge to the phantom heads.

But wait there is more! There was an organized meeting with realtors from Madrid, so that apartments could be visited already. Due to this, some students found a flat for themselves in advance, so that they do not have to worry about this at the start of their studies.

The group spent the two days mostly together und they were able to get to know each other, for example during a meal together. The first contacts were established and some friendships already emerged – on this basis, the study start will surely be a lot easier!

Good news: There are still 3 free places, which we can assign to our students for the winter semester this year! Are you interested? Contact us:

+49 5151 60969 1354,


or here.


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