Faculty of Medicine at Masaryk University

  • Medizinische Fakultät der Masaryk Universität

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Faculty of Dentistry

The study program in dentistry lasts 5 years and it is compatible with the current European regulations. The first two years of the degree are comprehensive courses in preclinical dentistry, gnathology, technology of prosthesis, materials and preventive dentistry, combined with the theoretical general medicine courses (medical physics and informatics, biology, medical chemistry, biochemistry, anatomy, histology, physiology, etc.).

The third year comprises the general medical preclinical courses (pathological anatomy, pathological physiology, clinical examination in inner medicine and surgery, etc.). General medical courses are taught to a lesser extent, with the focus on oral and dental problems.

From the 5th semester on, the intensive, specialized courses in dentistry begin. The focus in dentistry is both on the theoretical and practical aspects and it ends with a 15-week practical training in the 10th semester, which covers comprehensive treatment of the patient. In the course of their degree, the students also receive practical training during the semester holidays, which is divided in four phases. The degree ends with a state examination in three dental subjects (therapeutic, surgical and orthopedic stomatology). After five years of studies, the students will be qualified to practice in all fields of dentistry.