Successful entrance examinations for Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic


Many concentration faces in a generally quite relaxed atmosphere gathered round at the first april weekend in Madrid. The entrance examinations for the courses of Human Medicine and Dentistry at the 1st and 3rd medical Faculties of Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic, took place in the wonderful Spanish capital. Once the questions were distributed and the last formal issues were cleared up, they immediately started. Nervousness seemed to increase – only a blink of an eye separated the students from a so desirable place of the Dentistry and Human Medicine studies at Charles University in Prague. Finally the test was done and the pressure vanished. Relief spread everywhere. The calculators were quickly put into the rucksacks and discussions about the questions suddenly appeared. We wish all successful candidates and prospective students at the Charles University in Prague a lot of success during their studies!

Are Medicine studies in Prague also your dream? Then enroll now for your studies in Human Medicine or Dentistry at the 1st or 3rd medical Faculty of the Charles University in Prague. Contact with a MSA student advisor on 05151-60969-1354 and let yourself get advised about your future foreign studies.

You can find further information about Charles University in Prague here:
First Faculty of Medicine
Third Facluty of Medicine

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