Course Offer

Practical English – Master Speaking

The course programme English as a Second Language (ESL) of ALCC is divided in eight levels, specifically tailored to meet the individual needs of our course participants. Our unique method includes practical conversation exercises, grammar, reading and writing exercises, as well as pronunciation. All of the elements are taught in every level. In order to achieve this, we use modern textbooks that are carefully chosen, as well as our own texts and a variety of different conversation activities. We also create a relaxed learning environment, in which learning is a pleasure and comes easily. From the first day, our experienced teachers create an environment where only English is spoken. Specialised professionals carry out interviews, which allows us to place participants according to their level immediately. From the beginner stage to the advanced level, the focus is on spoken language. Furthermore, reading and writing are also an important part of the programme. After finishing the basic level, the participants will be able to speak about their private life, as well as about familiar activities and places. In the intermediate level, they will learn to express opinions and thoughts. At this point, it becomes easier for the students to use common expressions correctly. Advanced participants have the possibility to expand their vocabulary and practise their skills in conversation exercises about realistic, current subjects.
After successful participation in the course, every participant receives a certificate.

Written English for Advanced Students

Our programme of Written English aims to improve the written language of the students. Before being accepted in this course, every participant has to take a placement test. In this programme, we look at different aspects of the written language. Furthermore, every day there are essay compositions and other written exercises. This way, participants can greatly improve their written English language skills in a short time.


Preparation courses for the TOEFL are directed at advanced students who are preparing to study at university. They are designed to prepare for the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language). It focuses on the different TOEFL-topics. In addition, computer-based mock tests are used to obtain an immediate assessment. Every university and college in the United States requires proof of a successful TOEFL before accepting foreign students. Participants who would like to take this course first have to take a placement test. This serves to confirm that the student already has the necessary previous knowledge.

In case you do not achieve the necessary score, you can participate in a six-week TOEFL-course for FREE.


You can register at any time with ALCC. The start dates of our courses are distributed throughout the entire year. We teach 12 months a year. Thanks to our flexible offer, the participants can choose their courses so that they optimally fit their needs. We teach during the week and at weekends, in the mornings, afternoons, and evenings.

Schedule for Students on the F-1 Visa (Student visa)
Course participants who are in the USA with an F-1 have the flexibility to distribute their courses during the week —from Monday to Friday— or they can choose from a number of programs during weekdays and weekends. Every combination of courses is possible, as long as they add up to at least 18 hours per week.

Course programme for regular course participants without Visa restrictions
These course participants can choose their courses freely according to their learning and schedule needs. There is no minimum amount of hours or specific course requirements. In our overview Dates and Costs you will find the best course plan for you.