Values, Vision and Mission of the UEM/UEV

For the university it is very clear that every person is unique and born with a great potential, which is left unexploited by a standardized education, because it cannot recognize the individual potential of each person. In order to tap one’s full potential, the university helps the students to develop themselves into the best possible version they can be. In order to ensure this, the university education – especially in the field of medicine – is arranged in a way that each student’s needs are met individually. Due to today’s job market having no boundaries in regard to mobility, it is one of the most important goals of the university that the students develop fully as a person and as a medical professional. This is precisely the reason, why the university offers a training, which is uniquely adjusted to you personally.

It is the main mission of the UEM/UEV, to offer a holistic education that qualifies the students to be leading experts in the future, who will skillfully manage today’s expectations of the (working) world. With their ethic and entrepreneurial spirit, the graduates will help to progress society in the social sector and to enhance their occupational area with their expert knowledge.

The university considers academic excellence as one of its strategic pillars. This is why the university has adapted the principles of the European Higher Education Area and arranged its degree programs accordingly. Within the educational system of the UEM/UEV, lecturers are not only teachers, but also mentors, who will accompany and support you during your studies. At the same time, students will develop knowledge, competencies and skills, which are expected and demanded by society in this day and age. In this model, the focus will be on individual maturity and independence of each one, so that you will learn to adapt the constantly changing and more complex becoming world.