Admission Procedure

The admission procedure at UMCH consists of a motivation-based interview and a subsequent brief evaluation. Your average high school grade does not play a role in your application.

The evaluation is included in the applicant’s overall assessment with 60% and the motivation-based interview with 40 %. If you have achieved 50 % of the points, you have already passed – from 60 % you have even passed with distinction.

The evaluation, for which you will have 90 minutes, will cover three subject areas with equal weighting: biology, chemistry and general knowledge. The interview, on the other hand, focuses on personal motivation for your medical studies, empathy, language level and communication skills. This part of the admission procedure takes about 15 to 20 minutes.

All MSA dates for admission tests and interviews can be found here.

Since the dates for the respective tests and interviews may change, it is advisable to check the schedule on the MSA homepage on a regular basis to check if there are any changes. Generally, only a limited number of places are available for the tests. We therefore recommend that you apply as early as possible.

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