Student life in Murcia

Murcia is a very young city with an ideal infrastructure for students and one of the most important Spanish university locations.

Spanish major cities and other European metropolises are easily accessible due to good motorway, train and air connections.

The historical and cultural diversity of the city attracts many tourists every year and offers students the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of leisure activities alongside their studies. There are inexpensive bars and restaurants and a vibrant night life in and around the city. Despite the high quality of life, the cost of living is low, which makes Murcia the ideal student city.

Around 10% of all UCAM students are from other European countries and the USA. This provides the opportunity to make many international friends and to get to know other cultures besides the Spanish way of life.

Murcia also has a lot to offer for sports enthusiasts. On the one hand, UCAM itself offers 21 sports and state-of-the-art facilities, and on the other hand, you can go hiking in the Murcia region and surf, swim or dive in the nearby sea.

UCAM student life