Studying Medicine in Cyprus? – No problem at the European University Cyprus!

There is a lot going on at MSA – from now on we are able to offer you a new university for human medicine studies: the European University Cyprus (EUC)! Here you can study NC-free, because you just have to pass an admission exam, more precisely an interview, which is taking place at MSA in Hameln at different dates.

As usual, we have a certain university place contingent at the EUC, which can be assigned to our applicants, who want to study medicine in Cyprus, only. At the EUC, the main focus of the university is on the students, with their personal, academic and occupational demands and expectations. It is one of the main goals of the EUC, to educate medical students for their successful future career.

The new campus at the EUC offers many new opportunities to organize your leisure time and also comes with well-provided and modern laboratories. If you want to study medicine in Cyprus, this innovative university is the place to be. Beyond that, Cyprus also attracts as a tourist destination. Here you can spend your free time with a trip to the sea and let the nature becharm yourself.

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