Studying Abroad – How You Will Get A Cash Injection!

studium im ausland finanzierungStudying abroad is financially not manageable for you? Then the BAföG support for studying abroad could be interesting for you. With this sponsorship, you will be supported from the beginning to the end of your studies – provided that you are going to study at a university within the EU.

It is important to know that Germans, who did not get BAföG support, due to the income of their parents, are most commonly entitled to get this support of sponsorship abroad. This is because the funding rates are higher studying abroad, than studying domestically.

With this cash injection, not only general funding rates are being paid, but for example also a grant for the tuition fees in the amount of 4.600 Euro, for one year at maximum. Beyond that, travel expenses in the amount of 250 for a return journey, a health insurance addition for possible additional charges and an addition for potentially higher living costs are paid.

In order that the application is being processed before going abroad, you should hand it in six months before leaving, because the process takes longer.

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