Scared of Admission Exams? – Don’t Worry, Sign Up for the ICI Pre-Med Course!

ICI Pre-Med CourseFor everyone who wants to prepare for the admission exams of our partner universities, be it for the degree program medicine or dentistry, we successfully cooperate with the Iberian College International (ICI) for some years. Each year, the ICI offers two preparatory courses, at which many of our MSA applicants are taking part regularly and until now all participants had remarkable success. All MSA applicants, who participated in this course, have obtained a university place abroad by successfully passing at least one admission exam after the course.

Within the three-week course, you will learn and review the exam relevant topics of the subjects biology, chemistry and physics, together with experienced lecturers, who are partly working as lecturers at our partner universities. Through this it is ensured that you will specifically learn the topics that you need to master to successfully pass the exam. Since the admission exams of the universities for the English degree programs will be conducted in English, you will be taught in English in the course, so that you can express subject-specific content or terms in English without problems, if you are not a native speaker.

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