Faculty of Dentistry – First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague

The Charles University in Prague offers a degree in Dentistry in addition to the degree in Medicine. The regular course of studies lasts for 10 semesters.

At the end of this five-year, full-time study course, you will be awarded the title MDDr. (Medicinae Dentium Doctor). This degree is intended for secondary education graduates, and it is fully recognised in the EU, in the USA and in the majority of other countries. The teaching methodology includes lectures, practical exercises and seminars. The practical exercises are carried out in the department of Stomatology using modern simulators. Preclinical Dentistry is completed after an examination in the third semester.

The lectures in the field of Dentistry take up more than 50% of the study programme. During their course of studies, the students will participate in several practical training periods. These will serve to familiarise the student with the work in dental health facilities, practical procedures, and special materials and technology. At the end, there will be a state exam in three Dentistry subjects: Therapeutical, Surgical, and Orthopedical Stomatology.