Entrance exams in Alicante done!

The MSA team has received the results of the entrance tests held in August for three of the best European universities: Masaryk, KosiceKaunas and Varna. As we expected, the students have obtained very positive results.

Regarding the University of Kosice, all the students who sat the exams (for both degrees, Medicine and Dentistry) have been admitted. Therefore, after many years, MSA still has an very high admissions rate at this university, being a safe bet for our students.The results for the MU Varna have also been very positive: 100% of the candidates have obtained a study place in the medical degrees. Most of our students for Kaunas also passed the exam. Finally, MSA has also improved the admissions rate of Masaryk University; this year we have obtained more admitted students than ever, although this is a very demanding university.

MSA wants to congratulate all the candidates who have made their dream come true. In September you will start your medical studies, congratulations!

If you want to join this large group of candidates who will start their degree in Medicine next academic year, we offer you the last chance to do so: we have organized two extraordinary entrance tests for the universities of Kosice and Varna which will be held in Hanover on 16 and 23 August respectively. As you can see, the admission options for these two universities are almost ensured. Do not wait any longer and secure your place for the entrance exam, we are about to cover all the places!

Call us on 0049 (0) 1805 – 530 531 or send us an email to info@medical-studies-advisory.com and you will be also able to study Medicine in Europe!

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