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Admission procedure – Third Faculty of Medicine
Charles University in Prague

In order to study at the Third Faculty of Medicine at Charles University in Prague, there are certain requirements concerning the application documents that the students hand in. Such requirements have to be fulfilled for the registration process to continue.

Moreover, each candidate will have to take and pass a written and an oral examination.

The written part consists of questions about the following three subjects:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics or Physics (free election)

Each subject has about 30 multiple-choice questions and lasts about one hour.

Once the written exam has been passed, it is the turn of the oral part. It will consist of an interview in which you will deal with the interpretation of an unknown part of a scientific article, as well as a conversation about motivation and general knowledge of the candidate. Here the subjects of Biology, Chemistry and Physics will be also included.

The entrance exams are offered and organized by MSA in different places of Germany. You can get more information in our Dates Overview section. The studies at the Faculty of Medicine of the Charles University in Prague can be started in October.

If you are interested in this Faculty, we will kindly give you advice about it as well as a list of entrance requirements. It is important that you send us all the application documents in the established registration period, so we can revise and correct them if they don’t meet the demands from the University. Moreover, MSA will provide you with learning material which will help you prepare the written examination.

In order to receive all the information about the Third Faculty of Medicine at Charles University in Prague, please send us an e-mail with your address, your landline number and mobile phone number, your marks and a proof of your English level. If you already have a university degree, send us information about the type of degree as well as the place and the moment when you obtained it.

In order to contact us, please use the contact form or call us at 0049 (0) 1805 – 530 531*.
(*€ 0.14/min. from a German landline. Mobile telephone max. € 0.42/min.)

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Notes regarding the accreditation and recognition of the degree:
You have doubts about the recognition of the degree in your country? It is the easiest way to directly address the responsible authorities or professional associations in the respective country for more information about the conditions and the complete registration and recognition of the degree.