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Unrestricted Mobility During Medical Study

Hameln, 7. October 2013

The Merits of the Bologna Process. A complete and uncomplicated recognition of an acquired medical degree from abroad or an unproblematic change back to a German university, after at least a year of medical studies in a foreign country, is the greatest desire of a medical student. Such…more

Studying Veterinary Medicine Without NC

Hameln, 15. December 2014

Is That Even Possible Without Waiting Semesters? To study veterinary medicine is a big goal for many people, that is hard to reach in Germany. On average, the nationwide numerus clausus (NC) in Germany for the winter semester 2014/2015 was at 1,3 with one or two waiting semesters.…more

Studying Psychology With Bachelor As Acquirable Degree

Hameln, 7. October 2014

Madrid or Pécs, Which Place to Study Suits Me Better? Many people would like to read other people’s mind – of course that is not possible. The study of psychology however comes very close to this wishful thinking. You will learn to empathize with people, you can help…more

Studying Medicine in English

Hameln, 19. February 2014

Not a Compromise but a Necessity You have to overcome many obstacles, if you dream of a medical university place in Germany: Numerus clausus-restrictions, that set the limit for admission at 1,2. A great competition, because the number of applicants exceeds the number of university places many times…more

Studying Dentistry Abroad

Hameln, 2. April 2014

Or How You Preempt the Numerus Clausus-Chaos The study of dentistry still belongs to the most popular course of studies. This is attributable to the occupational profile of a dentist, because dentistry is connected to theoretical academics and concrete practice, together with technical skill, paired with sensitivity for…more

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